Elsine Hoff

Born May 7 1990 in Gentofte, Denmark

Lives and works in Copenhagen.



Professional Bachelor's Degree in Teacher Education

Blaagaard/KDAS, University College Copenhagen

Teaching subjects: Danish, English and Visual Arts.


Margrethe-skolen, Scandinavian Academy of International Fashion & Design

Selected courses: Pattern Cutting and Draping


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (BFA in Visual Arts), 

Malmö Art Academy, Lund University 

Selected courses: 

  • Artists Role Through 200 Years by Gertrud Sandqvist
  • Writing About Your Own Work by Gertrud Sandqvist
  • Plaster Casting by P.O. Persson and Robert Cassland
  • Digital Video Editing by Margot Edström
  • The Painting Course by Viktor Kopp
  • Platinum Jungle by Vaginal Davis
  • Art History: Antiquity by Måns Hols-Ekström
  • History of Experimental Film by Nathalie Melikan
  • Modernistiskt Måleri by Silja Rantanen
  • Foucault Tool Box by Gertrud Sandqvist
  • Showing and Talking Art by Joachim Koester
  • Destroy, She Said by Andrea Ray
  • Feminism by Gertrud Sandqvist
  • Painting in Digital Times by Gertrud Sandqvist and Matts Leiderstam
        Advisors: Gertrud Sandqvist, Joachim Koester,
        Matts Leiderstam, Haegue Yang, Margot Edström,
        Maria Hedlund, Viktor Kopp, P.O. Persson, Nathalie Melikian,         João Penalva, Nina Roos, Andreas Eriksson, Vaginal Davis,         Andrea Ray and Jeremiah Day.


Kunstskolen Spektrum, Copenhagen.

One-year course under the supervision of Ingela and Thomas Skytte. Guest lectures by Peter Carlsen, Cecilia Westerberg and Anette Harboe Flensburg.


Ordrup Gymnasium. Danish baccalaureate (stx).

Line of study: Music & English.

Selected Group Shows


Malmö Art Academy "Årsutställning 2012"

KHM Gallery "Bachelor Examensutställning 2012"


Inter Arts Center "Destroy, She Said; Inter Arts Discourse and Production"

Den Censurerede Kunstudstilling "DCK#2011"

Malmö Art Academy "Årsutställning 2011"


Malmö Art Academy "Årsutställning 2010"


KHM Gallery "Nya studenter 2009"

Den Censurerede Kunstudstilling "DCK#09"

Kunstskolen Spektrum "View 09"